Used and Grateful

My husband Thad and I help organize our weekly Communion Ministry at our church.  We needed two people to help serve as those that regularly serve this particular Sunday were out of town.  My husband and I immediately went to our go to person.  You know the one who wears so many different hats at the church and is always willing to step in and help.  That’s the one.  When my husband called him, he was short of breath, and having trouble talking.  We knew he had been “under the weather” but this sounded more like he was drowning in a hurricane churned ocean.  Thad talked with him about his various symptoms and strongly suggested that he immediately call his wife and have her meet him at the emergency room.  As he rang off with our friend, we prayed he would listen.

He called us later that evening from his hospital bed, having been admitted for congestive heart failure and drugs were being administered that would help eliminate the fluid that had been building up in his lungs and around his heart.  He thanked Thad for talking him into going rather than waiting until his cardiac appointment four days later.  The doctors told him he would never had made it.

As Thad rang off with our friend, we were the ones that were grateful and humbled.  You see, we had called our friend to ask for help never suspecting that God had wanted Thad to help our friend.  God used Thad’s medical knowledge to coax our friend to seek medical help.  Unbeknownst to us, God used our circumstance to lead Thad to minister to another of his children.   Had we not needed a “sub” for the ministry, Thad would not have called our friend and the life of a wonderful and faithful servant of the Lord would have ended.  What an amazing God we have!

My point is this.  If you think that God can’t possibly use “small, insignificant you”, you are wrong.  He can use you in whatever state of mind and circumstance you may be in.   God doesn’t make junk and you were created in His image, to do His work, and to show His love.  There is an anonymous quote that says this well: “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito”.

So be that mosquito and listen to God’s whispers and join me in feeling the Holy Spirit live in you and through you no matter what bed you may be in.

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