Coincidence or God-incidence?


Have you ever wondered if God was working in your life?

Have you been looking for Him in your life?

Maybe you think these events are merely coincidences.  But for those of us that have faith in God’s presence in our lives, we look at these events as “God incidences”.

Seek and ye shall find.

Our move to Central Florida was so that we could spend more time with our grand kids.  And it has been wonderful!  Time spent with our daughter and the grand boys has exceeded my expectations.  We are truly getting to know our grandsons and them us.

But there is a sub plot developing.  I am trying to publish a book I have written and seeking traditional publishers for several years.  I was feeling discouraged and wondering if I had misread God’s road signs and that this is merely a hobby and not a vocation from God.

So I busied myself with blogging, fixing up our new home, spending time with our daughter and grandchildren – and establishing myself with new doctors.  Yes, I am at the age where my calendar is filled with doctors’ appointments.  I tell myself this is all for prevention but the maintenance on this vehicle is beginning to feel like it’s an old Rolls Royce – the replacement parts are hard to find and the cost close to prohibitive!

But it was in this search that I found my God incidence. With all the moving and unpacking I needed a chiropractor.  Badly.  My daughter gave me the name of someone she had gone to a few years ago.  When I called I was told he was no longer at the practice but a new physician had taken over the practice.  Experiencing severe neck pain, I didn’t care if an orangutan saw me as long as he could adjust me. It will take a lot more than a chiropractor to adjust me, but that’s another story.  The chiropractor not only helped me but when he found out my daughter was a personal trainer he inquired about whether she taught yoga.  She does.  And after meeting with her, has hired her to hold yoga classes and do personal training for his clients in his office suite.

Now, you might think this is not a God incidence but wait-there’s more.

In conversation with one of her long time clients she mentioned that I am a blogger and writer and wishing to publish a book of medical devotionals.  Upon hearing this her client share that she has a very good friend who is a publisher right here in Oviedo.  Francesca passes along this information and after having met with the publisher and done some heavy praying am about to launch myself into collaborative publishing with this company.

Ah, what a weave of gold and silver thread God spins!  He uses our circumstances and those around us to show us the way.  If we look for Him we will find Him.  If we seek His counsel, He will guide us.  As a Christian I do not believe in mere coincidences but rather that our Father uses our circumstances for His purposes in what I believe are God incidences.  And gives us an opportunity to see His work and give thanks for all that he bestows upon us.

Do you believe in “God-incidences” and if so please share your blessings.

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  1. If we only listen to God! I love reading your stories. They are so inspirational.

    October 3, 2017 at 7:08 pm
    1. Thank you, my friend. It pleases me to know that people are receiving benefit from my blog. Praise be to God!

      October 3, 2017 at 7:12 pm

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