The fog begins to lift but I so want to remain within its midst, devoid of all thought, to continue my slumber.  I glance at the large red numbers on the clock: 4:30 am.  I have time.  I dig into the soft mattress and pull the covers up around my neck.  Sleep, you are getting sleepy.  My thoughts begin to drop like pellets of rain.  Slow at first.  I let them fall where they may, considering each and determining whether they will be a part of the upcoming day, almost enjoying where they are taking me.  Soon the rain turns into hail, ricocheting off the walls of my mind causing a flood of feelings from logistics of the day to “what-ifs” and worry.  Pellets of thoughts are hitting and hurting me as I try to catch them and collect them into baskets.  Slipping from my grasp they taunt and spite me.  The sound of the hail is deafening.  I am overwhelmed for they are too many and I have lost control of the storm that has rolled in even before I have stepped out of bed.

STOP!  I must seek shelter from the hailstorm in my mind!  I want the fog that lulls my mind in slumber to roll back in so I can just be.

Ah, to just be.  What would that take?  I whisper to God, “Come into my soul, come into my heart and come into my mind and melt away the hail storm that threatens my sanity”.  And in answer to my prayer I am carried gently by a warm breeze.  It is the Holy Spirit blowing through the field that is my mind pushing the hail into small melting pools of Holy Water thoughts.  The storm has receded.  While the pools of thought remain, they are no longer a threat to my spirit and I am once again at rest.

I smile and sigh.   Why did I not call on God sooner?

The holidays often bring with it frenetic cooking, shopping and preparing which can feel like a hailstorm in what should be a joyful time of year.  As we prepare for the birth of Christ, my prayer for you is that you take some time each day to invite God to melt away the hail and leave only the Holy water.

Prayer: God, turn my hailstorm into pools of Holy Water.