From Mechanics to TaTas

My grandson, Ryker has a fascination with anything mechanical, specifically the washing machine.  He studies the machine as it seeks to level the clothes out, then marvels as the water begins to fill the wash tub and then how it begins to swish first one way and then another. He could literally sit on the dryer and peer into the window of the lid for the entire wash!

Because of this, he loves to help anyone collect the laundry and set the whole process in motion.  Imagine my surprise when he and Opa were bringing the dirty clothes hamper into the laundry room, sporting my bra on his arm.  Note the look of happiness.

I was a little chagrin as he proudly carried my bra.  It’s more than I want my grandchildren to know about me.  Nevertheless, I want them to know me. While laughing, I realized that I loved this little guy’s enthusiasm and didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

So if taking care of myself to insure making memories with my grandkids means a yearly or bi yearly mammogram, and monthly examination of my TaTas then so be it.

He also reminded me that I hadn’t done my Breast Self-Exam this month.  And when exactly is my mammogram scheduled?

The mechanics of these procedures are simple.  Breast Self-Exam AND a yearly Mammogram.

The reason for this two fold process is because no one knows your breasts like you do and the mammogram can detect tumors before they can be felt. Combining the two is a powerful tool.

If you find a lump don’t panic as 8 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous.  But for peace of mind contact your doctor for follow up.

How Should A Breast Self-Exam Be Performed?

Included is one link on how to perform a Breast Self-Exam.  There are many other sites.

If you have never done one or have been “hit or miss” on doing it, take the time to do so NOW.

Friends, I would rather be embarrassed than miss out on time with my family.  I don’t want to miss a minute with my grandsons for everyday is new for them (and for me) and God has placed us together for a reason.  I know that I must do all I can to be a part of their lives and for them to color my world with beauty, sweetness, and just enough energy to keep this old girl going!

Join me in checking your TaTas not just during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month but every month.  Make a pledge to ask a buddy to hold one another accountable.  Your life and the memories of your family depend on it.

Have you done your monthly Breast Self-Exam?  Have you scheduled your mammogram?  How do you remember to do it?  Please share and help others begin this practice faithfully.


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