I’ll Have What She Has

Have you ever met someone who seemed to just glow with happiness, energy, and light?

I met someone just like that at the German American Club in Casselberry where Thad and I and some neighbors had gone to enjoy Weinfest.  We shared in an evening of good food, good wine (and beer), good dancing and singing.  As we stood in line to get some pork loin, noodles, and German chocolate cake we made conversation with Marge.  She happened to notice that Thad was wearing a polo shirt with our churches insignia.  She, too, was a member and in fact lived at the retirement community affiliated with the church.   As we exchanged information I found out that she went to the Monday evening service because she worked on Sundays as an organist for another church, she attended the exercise class every Wednesday at The Haven, was a member of the German American Club and volunteered often and was looking forward to an upcoming trip to Slavinia.  Smartly dressed in a pair of black slacks, a silk shirt, and a beaded jacket, she moved with style and her eyes twinkled with humor and a little bit of mischief.  I noticed, too, that she was surrounded by friends – she seemed to know everyone and was asked often to be a partner on the dance floor.  You could see she just loved dancing, talking, and listening to her partners – making each of them feel special.

She was someone I wanted to hang with because she was so filled with a vibrancy for life, living, and faith.

I was envious and just a little jealous. Well, maybe not jealous, but like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally I wanted to order up what she seemed to have.

You see, she is 84 years young!

Now her life must have been rosy, smooth, unencumbered from money worries, children gone awry, philandering husbands, right?  No, she had seen her times of trouble especially 8 years ago when a tree fell on her husband and brain damage changed his life, and the remainder of their 8 months together.  I expressed my sympathies to her.  She said while life was never the same after that; she knew that God wanted her to continue living and so she is embracing the good so as not to be obscured by the bad.  She looks forward to her visits with her children and the many grandchildren as evidence by the gold charms of each on her necklace that she sports with pride.

Recently she underwent extensive surgery yet two weeks later I ran into her volunteering at our church!  Her spirits remain high with a grateful and servant’s heart.

Did I mention she was 84 years young!

Yes I want what she has.  I think most of the people around her wanted to capture just a bit of Marge.  The vibrancy, the energy, the zest for living each moment, not dwelling on what is missing but what is present in her life.

God tells us “we are like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers”. Psalm 1:3.

Like that tree, we do not wither but can grow stronger: stronger in our faith, stronger in our spirit, with each season being fruitful and meaningful when we stay rooted in the Lord.  We will bear fruit during every season and the Lord’s love will shine through us.

Thank you Lord for the Marge’s in our lives that show us how to live life in spite of our circumstances.

Just as Marge’s love for the life God gave her shines through her strong tree of life, may I radiate the same enthusiasm and spirit – the spirit given to us by our ageless Father.


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  1. Amen, Loretta. I’ll have what you’re having!

    August 27, 2019 at 5:04 pm

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