Kickin’ It Even as I’m Getting Old 

I turned 64 this today.  I have enjoyed the many well wishes that make me feel loved.  I did get a special one from my brother who simply said “Happy Birthday, Old Girl”.

My first reaction was that no matter how old I am, he will always be older.  I know, I know, a knee jerk reaction to the days when we fought like typical brother and sister.  Sometimes, you just revert back to those younger days.

Nevertheless, I choose to think of myself as still “kickin’ it”.  After all, look at all the medical mayhem I have survived.  Only by the grace of God am I still alive to annoy my brother.

But as I responded to him I realized I might indeed be getting a bit old.  Let me explain.

This week I decided to re-make an Easter centerpiece for my kitchen table. I had about twenty minutes before I had to head out for two appointments and heaven forbid I just sit and have a cup of coffee.  I was using some plastic Easter eggs that had a skewer at their base to be used to place the egg in a Styrofoam base.  Some of the skewers had broken off and so I thought I could remove the broken skewers and replace them with new ones.  Since some of the broken skewers would not come out; I decided to simply put a new hole using an awl.  You know, a long, pointed spike; a tool for making holes in wood or for piercing holes in leather.  The first egg went effortlessly, but I couldn’t get the awl to put a hole in the second one.  As I applied more force, the awl slipped and stuck me between the second and third fingers.  Ouch!  Thankfully, there was only a little blood and I got it cleaned up, and decided I’d finish the centerpiece later.

Later never happened, folks.  You see by the time I got done with my first appointment, my second and third fingers and the palm of my hand had swollen to the point that I could not bend my fingers without pain.

Between appointments I took an anti-inflammatory, ran into a medical supply place and got fitted for an immobilizer.  The splint put my second and third fingers in the “digital insult” position.  But once fitted I removed it.  The owner of the medical supply store asked me why I would purchase it if I wasn’t going to wear it.  I told him I wasn’t going to put it on until after my second appointment which was the nail salon.  He looked at me like I was nuts.  I am, but that’s besides the point. I explained how I had survived breast cancer, open heart surgery, two hip replacements, two hip dislocations and a hysterectomy so this was merely a bump on the road to eternity.  He understood my perspective.  I figured while my hand might be hurt and swollen at least my nails would look lovely.

So maybe my brother is right to wish this “old girl” a happy birthday.  But I’m not giving up without a fight.  And I have lots of fight still in me.  It just takes a little longer and hurts a bit more.  On the plus side, the hurt reminds me that I am still alive.

Alive and kickin’ it!

Have you ever done something that hurt you?  How did you carry on?  What age is old?  What are you doing to age gracefully?


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  1. All I can say is oh my!

    March 7, 2019 at 1:10 pm

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