The Love Bug Seasons of Life. 

 Having just celebrated our second year in Central Florida I have finally found something I do not like about living here.  The Love Bugs.

Last September we went to visit family in Boca Raton for a week.  While we were gone, these nasty little pests decided to move in.  It seems the excessive heat beating on our front door caused the door to warp allowing for an orgy for 400 to come into our cool and air conditioned home.  When we arrived home they were everywhere in various stages from love making to sudden death.  This was a twisted, Twilight Zone home invasion!

For those that are not familiar with these little guys and gals, they are a species of March fly found in part of Central America and the southeastern United States.  They are sometimes known as the honeymoon fly but most of us ‘locals” call them love bugs.  During and after mating, adult pairs remain coupled, even in flight for up to several days.  This mating process actually takes hours, thus most of what we see is them stuck together while flying.  They show up in September and May each year for about 4 weeks and while I am happy that they are having a thrill I find it just a little showy.  But maybe I am just jealous.

Or not.  You see, the male love bug dies after mating and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs.  Talk about baggage!  I find this sad for the male, and tiring for the female who carts him around, lays the eggs and then joins him in death.

But after they invaded our home I lost any sympathy I could have mustered.  And while they are busy flying around and having an orgy they more often than not get splattered on your car’s windshield and front grill of your car. If you don’t clean your car, the sun bakes them on till they are charbroiled and can dull the paint job.

So what’s the purpose of these oversexed critters?  Research tells us that when grass is cut it creates a covering known as thatch.  This is where baby love bugs live and eat.  Through this process the spread essential nutrients back into the ground that are helpful to plants and our environment.

Great!  In other words there is a God intended purpose for them.

Which got me to thinking: how often do we find ourselves in season in life that is annoying, painful, frustrating, frightening and just not nice?

Came down with the flu while you had a major project at work?

Company has downsized and you are out of a job?

Been diagnosed with a new medical issue?

Your teenager’s been acting out in school and you’ve been brought in to discuss their options leaving you wondering if you are a good parent?

Find yourself at a time in your life when you should be empty -nesters and enjoying a rejuvenation of marital life and sex yet everyone from the kids to the grand kids and their pets have infiltrated your home much like the love bugs invaded mine…

Ah, we’re back to sex and love bugs.

Don’t leave me now.  There is a reason for my long winded story.

My theory is that love bugs are here to remind us that in this life a little rain – or love bugs must fall so that we might appreciate those times when we are healthy, our kids are doing well and life, while busy, is rewarding and appreciated.  We can’t run away from our life or our home or town every time the “Love Bug Season” invades our life, but we can work to remember our purpose, remain strong, find coping mechanisms, and ask for support and reach out to others that need support.  And while the love bugs swarm our life making it hard to see anything but these nasty little critters, we must strive to see the positive that still surrounds us.

The bible tells us “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace.  In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”  John 16:33.  But if we turn to God we will find peace and purpose throughout the love bug seasons of our lives. Christ emphasizes three things in this passage:  the inward peace which is His purpose for us; the outward pain and suffering which is our lot in this life; and the confidence which Christ’s victory for us gives. (MacLarens Expositions Commentary)

So while I may once again be in the “love bug” season of my life, I am going to look beyond Lionel and Lisa Love Bug flying high on sex and wind drafts to see the town, my grandkids, my neighbors, and my church who are firmly planted in my life amidst the swarming oversexed little critters.

“For this too shall pass”.  If for no other reason as I will outlive them!

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