Slaying the Dragon

Where are you in the battle of the Cancer Dragon?  Has it just set its eyes on you leaving you cowering in fear or perhaps wanting to pretend it isn’t there?  Perhaps its beating you with its tail and unleashing its fiery breath, scorching your body and very soul?

Keep focus on what and who you have in the trenches with you from your doctors, family, friends, and faith.  Ask them for help for they are mighty warriors as well.  Empower yourself with knowledge of this dragon and the medical means to slay it.  Find the good that still resides around you from the skillful lab technician that takes your blood to the neighbor that brings you dinner, the comfort of your home, or the cooler breezes that tell us the hot summer is over and the color changes of Fall is here.  Seek to see the humor in your day even if it means subscribing to websites that send you daily cartoons, videos and stories.  Check out these web sites:,  Ask people to send you humorous cards, words of encouragement, and funny stories.  While my mom underwent a series of three surgeries in one year to reconstruct the destruction of her breast due to a mastectomy, she would sing “All I want for Christmas is my two new boobs”.  She even threatened to show up under the Christmas tree with her two new boobs intact!  At the time we had a 4 year old daughter which would have made for an interesting and memorable conversation on Christmas morning.

Most importantly, hold on to the power of prayer and the strength of the Holy Spirit to reside within you. Staying focused on the Eternal Trinity, – Father, Son & Holy Spirit and leaning all you can about the earthly trinity – body, mind & spirit will have you finding God’s peace for you as you slay the Cancer Dragon.  The dragon is NO match for the power of God.

The skirmishes with this foe leave us breathless, worn and torn, battered and bruised.  But we are also enlightened and empowered, stronger and resilient by the war that raged(s) within our body.

I think this quote from Julia Keep hits the mark.

“Sometimes in my life, I admit, I have not wanted the pain that comes along with spiritual growth…but I was so blind because you see, along with misery comes miracles, along with burdens come blessings, along with our pain, God sends his amazing power to sustain and enable us to grow and have more insight into who He really is and what He is able to do in our lives as we surrender to Him fully.”  –Julia Keep

So friends, check your tatas, keep abreast (haha) of new methods, testing and treatment and be a survivor and a thriver!



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Blessings for Health & Wellness.


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