Who Do You Emulate?

“Mom, you sound just like Presley”.

My daughter was commenting on my groans which indeed sounded more like the growls and whining of my grand dog than moans and groans of an adult human being.

“You are killing your mother with these heavier weights, more repetitions and torture exercises” I growled with my teeth clenched.

I had been spending more time with my grand dog picking him up when the kids and kiddos were having an especially long day or on an overnighter for some family fun.

As I continued my exercise session I did indeed sound like Presley!  And it wasn’t confined to exercise.  I found I was growling over the little pitfalls of the day – a pot on the stove that overflowed, my laptop that seemed to continually shut down while I was in the middle of a search, or a slow down around town due to holiday traffic.  G-r-r-r-!

Was I really adopting the behavior of my grand dog?

While Presley has turned out to be a great family dog, sweet natured, fun loving, playful and yet obedient (most of the time); he was a typical hound.  If you have never had a hound then let me tell you about them.  They comment on everything going on, sighing when tired or bored, whining when they want something, growling when they are frustrated, groaning when you are making them do something they r e a l l y don’t want to do.  They know no boundaries, following you everywhere including the bathroom thrown.  And Presley has no self-awareness which means that he thinks he is the size of a dachshund rather than the English Pointer that he is.  There are times where he can literally push me into another room – or a wall when he trying to keep up with me.  His favorite thing is to “help” me prepare a meal; inserting himself between me and the kitchen counter.  I think he is helping to exacerbate the curvature in my spine.

I have certainly acted out worse than our grand dog; often succumbing to expletives when frustrated, being gluttonous, selfish and critical of others.

Thad has often said that, like Presley, I sometimes know no boundaries, can insert myself where I shouldn’t and share my opinions about everything and anything, minute by minute, hour by hour.  I must admit I am vocal.  Blogging has helped alleviate Thad’s frustration with my characteristics because I vent on line now.  He thanks you.

They say that Dog People and their dogs begin to look like one another over time.  Do we also start to act like one another?  My mom used to tell me – “Show me who you spend your time with and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Was I becoming much like my grand dog?

So, tell me.  Are there characteristics you have adopted from your dog?  Or have they adopted your characteristics?  Are they for the better or worse?  Please share because if this is just me I may indeed found myself a position as an oddity for a traveling circus.

I’ve been called worse.


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