Starve the Fear and Feed a Family

You just found out your best friend has the COVID-19 virus.  Or maybe its one of your parents, but you don’t dare go over because you have a child that is immune compromised.  You want to “be there” for them-but how?  What do you do?  How can you help?

Recently I was talking with someone who is immune compromised but has a neighbor who is recovering from cancer surgery and wanted to do something for her.  But with social distancing how would she do it?  We kicked around some options but it wasn’t until I got this wonderful post in my email inbox and thought “Wow!  This is just the ticket”  And so I wanted to share it not only with her but with my readers.

One of the ways is by helping them get food into their homes.  Easier said then done, right?  Especially when food is flying off the grocery shelves.

Take Them A Meal   breaks it down for us.

While this website is no only for COVID-19 but anytime help is needed; these two blog posts on how to help quarantine friends is so helpful I have to share the link:   

And – 

Dear readers and friends, don’t panic, rather pray and stay positive.    Social distance yourself by 6 feet and don’t spend more than 10 minutes with anyone outside your home :(.  Refrain from touching your face, and wash, wash, wash your hands!  Know that if we all hang in together, stay informed (but not too informed – no 24/7 TV), keep in touch by phone, text, Facebook, Face time, and Zoom and a plethora of other electronic/digital support tools, we will get through it.

Wishing you health and wellness during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Loretta – Surviving Medical Mayhem Apart Yet Together


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