Have you noticed how sometimes change can inadvertently bring you unexpected gifts?  Consider it a bonus for all the hassle that change can bring.

It all started with a queen size bed for our guest room.  We wanted something more suitable and comfortable for our couple friends; rather than a full size bed that made them feel like they were in a can of sardines.  The idea was to make them comfortable to want to come and stay but not too comfortable that they never wanted to leave. Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears a full size was too small, a king size was too big but a queen size bed seemed just right.

The plan was to move the full size bed to what we affectionately call “The Boys Room” – a room where our grandsons come to play and spend the night.  But that meant that we would need to move the two Castro convertible ottomans somewhere else.  If you don’t know about Castro Ottomans they are an ottoman that unfolds to a correct height, regular mattress, single bed.  As the Castro Convertible company used to advertised, even a child can open up the ottoman to create a bed.  Simply remove the cover, unfold and Voila! They are wonderful.  Hmmm – where to put them?  The only other place was our office which had a large recliner that used when I couldn’t sleep or needed a quiet place to pray, meditate or sort things out.  Did I want to move my comfort zone?  And would all this fit?  The only thing to do was to try.  Heck, the worst case is that I move it all back, right?  It would be good exercise.

So one Friday afternoon while Thad was out with a friend I decided I would start with just finding a suitable new home for the recliner and if that worked…  Once I moved the recliner to a corner in the family room, I felt the urge to move just one ottoman – just to see if it would fit in the space the recliner had been.  Yup, it looked good.  But I couldn’t leave the second ottoman in the “The Boys Room” because it would not fit with the full size bed.  So I dragged the second ottoman into the office huffing and puffing.  They are heavy.  I had to play with the furniture in there but the two of them made a great day bed set up and provided us with another room to house guests should we need to.  I even had a body pillow with a cover that matched the ottoman covers.  Sure it was a sign from the Lord above that it was meant to be.  Now we just had to move the full size bed into “The Boys Room” and if it fit and still allowed them a play area – all systems were a go!

I would need some help.

Of course, Thad was totally unaware of what I had been thinking, let alone doing, so imagine his surprise when he arrived home.  With some cajoling on my part and infinite patience on his part it all worked out.  Even better was that our 11 year old grandson gave his thumbs up approval when he came over to spend some much needed respite from his adoring little 3 year old brother.

Okay, so what’s the gift of change?  Well, I’ll tell you.  The other day I went to sit in my new comfort zone – the recliner in the corner of the family room.  As I sat there I was mesmerized by the view from this corner of the room.  It looks right out onto the preserve in our back yard.  The sun was peeking through the oaks, southern pines, and wild magnolias dappling the green grass of our yard.  Birds flitted between limbs and squirrels chased each other from tree to tree. The wind was gently blowing them to a fro and I was made mellow by the simple abundance and beauty playing out in our back yard.  While the room had been set up for TV watching, this chair was not a part of that and so I could sit and see a far better world playing out in front of me than any media can provide.  The other day, I came home and found Thad nestled in the recliner with a good book, and a savory cup of tea with a sweet contented look on his face.  Yes, it was definitely worth the labor, mental calculations, and the expense of a new queen size bed.

Sometimes change is a good and unexpected gift.  Change and repositioning yourself can often give you a different perspective on your life and that perspective can make all the difference.  Have you made a recent change?  Did it make a difference?  How did the change come about?  Did the reposition give you a different perspective – for the better?


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