Surviving Medical Mayhem

A book’s a dream that you hold in your hand.¬† Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. – Vera Nazarian

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What My Readers Say

I've received endorsements for my book from a wide range of folks. I encourage you to check out what they have to say!

Slide Susan M. Heim Editor, Chicken Soup For The Soul This honest, humorous and helpful devotional book on health and aging is a must-read for anyone facing medical issues or serving as a caregiver. Loretta Schoen's personal stories, advice and prayers will get you through any of life's challenges! Slide Christopher B. Warren CLU, ChFC What an inspirational message Loretta Schoen has to offer. This book has a great message for anyone dealing with health or medical issues, a real inspirational support. Well done Loretta! Slide Salvatore Basile Author, Fifth Avenue Famous and COOL: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything Nearly everyone has had a brush with today's medical system, which often fixes bodies without paying much attention to the people inside those bodies-leaving us, as Loretta D. Schoen puts it, fine (Frightened, Insecure, Neurotic, Exhausted). Her book Surviving Medical Mayhem: Laughing When it Hurts is a wonderful response to this problem, giving us concrete advice on how we can take steps to become fine (Faith-filled, Involved, knowledgeable, and Experienced).
P.S.: It's also an interesting and remarkably funny read.
Slide Dr. Theresa K. Goebel D.O Cornerstone Family Practice - Hobe Sound, FL Thank you for sharing your book. You truly have a gift of writing. The blend of a life riddled with challenges, humor and GOD!! What else could a Christian ask for in a book. I believe this book will help anyone going through medical challenges.This book will give people some tools to work with, bible quotes to reflect on and hope that they too can make it through with strength and humor. Slide Pastor Ken & Sandy Roughton United Methodist Ministry Team Theologian Dallas Willard said we will never really understand God until we understand that God is the most joyful being in the universe. Loretta Schoen gets that. Her book is filled with the kind of joy-in-the-face-of-adversity that can only come from a lifelong relationship with a loving and joyful God. Sandy and I laughed out loud as we read this wonderful book. Her deep faith in a loving and joyful God shines through every story. During our 40 years of ministry we often wondered how people who don't know God make it through the kind of crises that Loretta navigates with faith, courage and joy. Slide Rev. Rachel DeLaune Associate Pastor - First United Methodist Church of Boca Raton Hilarious, Truthful and Raw! My young, yet tired spirit needed a reminder that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and when I forget this truth, a book such as this, is like a strong cup of coffee or a really good massage; it wakes me up and yet calms me to the core. A laugh out-loud, dose of reality. As a young wife, mom and pastor, I am deeply grateful for truthful reminders from the heart of God. These short devotionals, spoken from real-life experience, merge the beauty of God's Word and the hilarious realities of health in the modern world so authentically. What a breath of fresh air! Slide Kimberly Brown RN, BSN As a Registered Nurse, I encounter all types of patients and at many different stages of life. The ones that appear to fair the best are those who have strong faith in Christ, a willingness to learn and be an active participant in their current health issues and use humor to help fight the fear that comes along with illness. Loretta Schoen's Surviving Medical Mayhem helps the reader do just that. With humor and strong messages of faith, she arms the reader with the tools necessary in surviving todays medical industry. Slide Robert L Rothbard M.D. FACC Cardiology Consultants - Orlando, FL The ability to adapt to the often unpredictable changes we all experience is the key to successful and rewarding life. The author relates her journey with gentle humor and the wisdom of scripture, with stories of medical and other challenges encountered with age. A delightful, informative, and enjoyable read.