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  1. Please inform me how I can purchase the many pictuers of a swan with chicks under her wings and any portion of Psm 91 on same poster/picture?? where do i get these for my office walls as BIG as possible.
    . I am a christian therapist and desperately NEED Those Pictures that demonstrate what God is saying of Himself in verse 1. and anything with “pestilence” protection from.
    ALSO: I have a God driven goal (He wont let me let go of it) to FILL MANY highway Billboards with Large print scripture with related picture such as you have here with the swans and psm 91.
    ALSO: I have visions of bumper stickers for back of cars …super wide (entire Width of the car) and high (4 to 6 inch high) BOLD BLACK lettering on solid Bright white background, short inspirering vatious personal touchinh scripture verses. For many man7ly christians to stick on the bumper of their car . God’s Holy Spirit will get attention and give messages at right time at right place and chosen prople using both venues.
    ALSO: Where is this being “posred”? I just wrote this to get info on if the posters of 91 and swans are abailable. Then was nudged to write who ever refs this of a life long held desire to ser as a media blitz that covers our entire USA (first).! Jaxie (Kay) Tennyson-Gunnet

    May 21, 2020 at 10:22 am
    1. Hi, Kaxie, I love that meme as well. I actually find my pictures on Unsplash or Canva and then add a quote myself. They have free images for you to use. You need to be careful when using pictures that you choose “free” images. Hope this helps.

      May 22, 2020 at 6:44 am

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