Not Just for Breakfast…

Its morning and I wander into my favorite room– the living room.  It’s away from the beehive hum of the house and bombardment of world news on the TV.  It has a warm, study like feel to it.  The sun streams into the window and the sound of the waterfall in the atrium calms my senses and settles my soul.  My living room invites me to begin my day and sit with a cup of my favorite tea, my bible, several devotionals and God.  Even the dogs like to come in and they know its “our” quiet time.  If I get distracted by the days schedule, my dog, Sheba will get up and stand by the entrance to the living room and look at me as if to say “I really need this time – don’t you?”  She reminds me that a day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel.

So why is it so hard sometimes to go to this wonderful space and spend time with God?

The bible tells us to pray without ceasing.  Really, God?  I can’t possibly pray continually. There is so much to do!   I try to carve out this time, but if I pray without ceasing, how will I ever get done the plethora of tasks that encompass my day?

But what if …?

What if I didn’t just spend time with God at church or when I served on an Emmaus team?  What if I imagined God walking beside me in the grocery store, pumping gas, or sitting in the drive-through at the bank?  What if I talked with Him about the bills, my writing, my family my relationships?  What if I purposefully, premeditatedly placed Him with me all throughout my day as my friend, my companion, my confident?   What if instead of calling up a friend to complain about the crazy drivers or share a recent blessing, I called God?

What if I spent time with God all throughout the day – tidbit talks and popcorn prayers flavoring my day with an attitude of prayer, goodness and grace?    (Satan would be quaking in his boots!).

Making prayer time in my favorite room is not easy to do, nor spending my days in continual conversation with God.  But God loves us so much.  I know that with God as an ever present and trusted friend, days would go smoother and I would see the blessings amidst the stressing of life.

Oh, and I’d be nicer throughout the whole day and not just when I am sitting in my favorite room in the house.

“Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonian 5:16-18 NLT


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