The Miracle of Life on Earth. 

When you have been plagued with a plethora of medical adversity, you may decide at some point that if you die, you die; you have seen what you have seen, done what you have done and lived what you have lived.  You’ve lived a good life, done most of what you wanted, and learned so much – some of which you really didn’t want to learn.  You are grateful for a life well lived and if you’re lucky you have no regrets about the time you spent on earth.  With your faith tucked well in your heart, no bags to pack, you tell God you can be called home at any time.  You are ready for the next stop – life in eternity.


But on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 11:10 am, I fell in love with life on earth.

The birth of my second grandson, Ryker made me realize what a blessing it was to have fought breast cancer, cellulites to the point of sepsis, open heart, hip replacement and a plethora of other ailments and still be here.  I have once again been witness to the miracle of a life conceived, grown and birthed.  I hold this baby in my arms, smelling his new born sweetness and watching him sleep as he makes all sort of  baby sounds that I have not heard in seven and half years since my last grand child.

I look at him and wonder: what lies in store for you?  What will you look like?  What will your personality be like?  What adventures, mishaps, learning curves, adversities, joys and loves will you find along your travels?  How will your life story unfold?  Who will you become and will you reflect God’s love as your parents lovingly raise you?  How will the world impact this little life I love so much even as I know so little about him?  As I hold him and watch him sleep, I realize that none of this is important now.  Only that God has brought this little life and once again gifted another grandchild to care and love.

As I hold Ryker, I can feel my heart beat slow, my blood pressure drop and a calmness come over me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  I marvel at his delicate fingers and toes and the softness of skin! How amazing is this natural, yet wondrous miracle of birth – a tumultuous wild ride for mother and baby.

And yet–

Baby Ryker seems oblivious to all of this as he lies nestled in my arms, trusting, serene and at peace.

And so am I.

Welcome Baby Ryker!

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