I was sitting at a stop light next to a Volkswagen Westphalia and its tag reads: Historical Vehicle. What?  It’s not that old!  Is it?  Made in the early 1950’s until 2003, the Westphalia was very much a part of my teenage years.  But historical?  Really?  If that is the case, than I guess that makes me a historical vehicle of the human kind.  I continued to look at this Westphalia and noticed while it was in good condition; it sported some scratches (scars), and some rust (age spots), much like me.  I thought of all the history I had seen – the plethora of presidents, the invention of computers, diseases that were eradicated and walks on the moon.  And I thought of all my medical history: the breast cancer, heart disease, hip replacements, and infections.  OK, maybe I should be classified as a historical site!

I began to think about how I am a historical vehicle of knowledge as well – knowledge that could be passed on to my children and grandchildren.  How much history could I share with them to let them know about a past that no longer exists but flavored and paved the way to today?  My history needs to be shared in an effort to educate, and empower.  What an amazing vehicle of history we can be!  As a human historical vehicle we are called by God much like the writers of the bible were to record our trials and tribulations, successes and failures, and share our history with those that come after us.  Who helped you write you’re history and who have you helped write theirs?  We are many vehicles on the road but we are all heading to one place and that is eternity with God.  Therefore we must help one another as we travel and share the past so that those in the future will know what roads are worthy of travel.

And just like the VW Westphalia, slightly worn but still worthy, our history can be used to create better human historical vehicles for the future.

As the light turned green and the VW Westphalia and I parted ways, I felt a renewed sense of purpose.  I want to be a God-driven, turbo-charged human historical vehicle for my children, grandchildren and all those that the good Lord puts with me on the roads I travel.