Faithful Friend or Political Foe?

With so much rancor, frustration, fear, and just plain nastiness this presidential election brought forth, I was determined not to post anything on Facebook or write a blog post that would worsen an already volatile situation.  No, I would not be a part of all that.

Until my friend shared that when she was asked whether she had lost friendships over this election she worried about “us”.

You see we each voted for “the other candidate” which meant we were not on the same page politically. We had spoken about this in the context of how nasty people had become in the media and on Facebook.  She ended up unfriending someone because they had attacked her in a Facebook post.  I shared that I had become so sad and in some cases angry at the posts on Facebook that I considered cancelling my Facebook account.

So I refused to post anything I felt might cause more angst.  Until now.

Folks, whether you are happy or sad at the outcome of this election, take a minute to put it into God’s perspective.  Whatever may be, we must pray for God’s wisdom and peace.  Our true leader is not  Clinton or Trump – but God.  It is in God we must place our trust.  And God does not want us to be at odds with one another, to destroy each other’s property, to say derogatory statements about candidates or the people that post them.  God is asking us to be kind with each other, to respect one another and to pray.  Don’t let this political season come between you and your friends.

My friend and I are as different as two people can be.  We come from different backgrounds.  She is Jewish and I am a Christian.  She is a widow and I am married.  She likes bright and vibrant colors, while I like soft earth tones. She enjoys cooking and I try to avoid it (too much temptation). She likes Jazz and I –well you get my point.  But it is these differences that draw us to each other and enrich our lives.  She slows me down to smell the roses and to see the funny in life.  I encourage her to explore new areas and calm her down when worry runs wanton in her mind.  God placed us as neighbors and we are blessed to be friends so that we might see a different view of life.  Over the last 22 years we have shared so much: laughter and tears, fears and foes and I cannot think of a better friend to share my journey with.  I will not unfriend her on Facebook, in the neighborhood or in my life.  She is a gift from God and a forever friend.

No matter how our political beliefs differ.



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  1. Beautifully written post, made me cry. Love you my buddy.

    November 18, 2016 at 12:57 pm

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