Angels among Us

It’s been a while since I posted because I have been living in a maelstrom of moving from Boca Raton, FL to Oviedo, Fl.  Packing up, moving, and unpacking have been my 24/7 purpose these last four weeks.  Moving is organized chaos at best, but add the fact that it’s been 29 years since we last moved and I am that much older; my brain hurts from keeping track of the myriad of details and my body hurts from the long hours of packing and unpacking.

However, throughout this self-inflicted turmoil there have been angels who have come along side us to help us.

When the movers wrapped my desk up, they found they couldn’t get it out of the office because of its size.  It had been assembled in the room.  They said it would have to be dismantled – which they were reticent to do.  They suggested calling the manufacturer and getting them to do it.  That would take days to arrange and I had no idea who the manufacturer was.  And we were moving the following day!  The contractor who did most of our remodeling in the old home came by to say goodbye and he was able to get the desk out.  He even helped us pack our car with the plethora of items that needed to go with us.   Surely he was a Godsend.

When Thad’s Christian Accountability Group heard we were making a Boca to Oviedo haul with plants, the contents of his wine cooler and other articles that the movers would not move, they arrived at 7:30 am on a Friday morning to help load both our cars.  A job that would have taken Thad and I most of the morning, took 40 minutes with 4 men.

Then there is my son in love who took time after work and from his family to get our computers and printers set up and running.  This was not an easy task when you have a printer that is so old it’s incompatible with the Wi-Fi and the new router that AT&T installed.

My daughter has been stopping by almost daily to help us move the really, really, heavy boulders – I mean boxes. With Thad’s two new shoulder replacements and his recent prostate surgery he is not supposed to lift anything heavier that a gallon of milk. Yeah, that’s not happening.  I pulled my back and neck out when I was packing up the boxes in Boca and I still have tingling and numbness in my fingers in certain positions.  I also managed to dislocate my hip two days after we moved to Oviedo and had my first ambulance ride to Winter Park Memorial Hospital.  And no – I did not want to just check out the new medical facilities in the area!  Needless to say we are ill equipped for this endeavor but our daughter has taken some of the “weight” off of moving.

To my neighbor who has willingly fed the fish in our pond in Boca until the buyers could move in, to my new next door neighbor who invited me to join her and some of the gals for dinner at the Ale House I have seen angels all around me.

While this move has not been easy, we have been blessed throughout the stress because the angels among us have helped to carry our load.

 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2 NIV

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