Holding On

I recently put a “Pop-Socket” on the back of my cell phone. This is a handy little pop up that attaches to the back of your phone or I-pad to help you hold onto your device.  It’s kind of like a grip.  On the back of this one it says:

Sometimes I just look up, smile, and say “

I know that was You”.

It is a reminder that God is with me.  It reminds me to hold onto the Lord every day, no matter what happens – good or bad.  I need to hold on, look up and say

“I know that you’re here Lord and you will see me through my circumstances”.

A few weeks ago, as I was taking my husband to get a cardiac catheterization, the low tire pressure indicator light came on within 15 minutes into our 50 minute trip.  We found a huge nail piercing our right rear tire.  We were nervous about getting to the center in time for the procedure and discussed calling a Uber car and having Thad go on ahead.  I would stay with our car and wait for AAA.  In the end, we stopped at a gas station every 4-5 miles to fill up the tire with air.

We were both on edge with the tire and with what might be found during the cardiac cath procedure.  But both of us could not help but think how much worse it could have been.

We could have been driving at high speeds on an interstate, had the tire blow suddenly with shredded tire everywhere and created an accident.  As Thad and I continued on our way to the appointment I looked down at my pop socket and knew that it was God, protecting us through the bump in the road.  I grabbed onto the words displayed on that pop socket and I held on to what was important –God.

We got to the appointment just in time, and while Thad was recovering from his procedure and he was found to be in good working order (hurrah!); AAA came and replaced the tire with the temporary one.  A trip to Costco a few days later and both Thad and the car were as good as new.

What do you hold onto when your day is losing air, or shredding before your eyes?  What ways do you hold on to God to get you through the day?  What bible verse helps remind you when bad things happen?

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