Small Perks Keeps Me Perking

I may have a small addiction brewing.  While I have never thought of myself as a serious coffee drinker; I do like my morning coffee and have taken to having a coffee in the afternoon.  The afternoon cup is an attempt to stem off the desire to eat every carb in the house or grocery store before dinner and give me a little boost of energy – even if it is decaf.  Two cups a day does not make for a drinking problem.

However, I may have to rethink that.

This past Friday, Thad and I were on our way to our personal training session with our daughter (See my previous post: when I emphatically stated that after the training  “I want my WaWa coffee!”  If you don’t have WaWa gas stations where you live then you are missing a great treat opportunity.  Let me give you a little background on this clean, friendly, service oriented company.  Wawa is named after Wawa, Pa., where the first Wawa, a dairy, was founded. But the story behind the word doesn’t end there. The town in Pennsylvania was so named because that’s what the local Native American tribe called a certain bird. The company logo is a flying goose.  People flock to Wawa to get their coffee all day long. There is a bank of always fresh choices of coffees, with about ten different cream and milk choices, sugars and you get to make it just the way you want it.  Even their fast food is fresh and delicious.  YUM!

So, back to my story.  When I shared that I wanted my WaWa coffee, my husband informed me that he would stop ONLY if I didn’t whine throughout my work out.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I found myself getting a little crankier and thinking about giving him a flying goose!

In my defense, I had a few good reasons to whine, complain, and otherwise feel like I needed this coffee.  I was frazzled, short of time, long on tired, and feeling a bit sorry for myself.   With continuing home renovations, family obligations and an upcoming trip to NC to learn how to incorporate twitter, Instagram, Book-bub, in marketing my book I was holding onto my sanity by holding onto my twice daily coffee cup!  I was slightly overwhelmed.  I needed my coffee.


So I reasoned with my husband.  I told him if I didn’t whine, complain, beg, barter, and otherwise pummel my daughter, she would think I was seriously ill.   She’d be concerned and worried about me and I wouldn’t want to give her anything more to worry about because with a full time job as a rehabilitative exercise coach, two boys, a husband, a dog, and a house she is at full tilt herself.  I know, because she whines and kvetches to me.  She understands that part of dealing with life’s chaos, confusion, and hiccups is by complaining about it.  It helps one to process, vent, and then move on.  After 44 years of marriage I also understand why my husband doesn’t get this.  Because being male and of strong Germanic stock he doesn’t need to discuss what’s on his mind.   Men, like him, just stuff it and compartmentalize it in a little box way down into the bowels of their souls.

Although I explained all this to my husband he was resolute in denying me my coffee.

Divorces have occurred over less than this.

But, I was determined.  I pulled up my work out britches and pulled down my durable, wrinkle resistant, lightweight, breathable and non absorbant shirt and when the training got intense I simply repeated “Wa  Wa!   Wa  Wa!    Wa  Wa    Cof  fee!  Of course, Francesca was a little perplexed by this and once Thad explained it to her she laughed and said “I know the cure for your whining now, Mom!”

I’m in so much trouble.

How do you process the issues, the mountains, the annoyances in your life?  Do you hold it within and hope you don’t burst?  Do you vent to people you know are safe and will love you anyway or do you just explode like Mount Vesuvius?

And if you have a suggestion on how to whine and still get my coffee – please let me know.


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