Who Is Your Super Tech?

Have you ever had a problem with your computer where you had to call on tech support to solve the problem?  Often times they will ask if they can “remote” in and take control of your computer to search, seek out and repair whatever is happening so that it is restored and functional.  While there is a feeling that your privacy is being invaded by a stranger; there is also relief when they can find and fix the problem.  They are the super tech that returns me and my computer to optimum power.

I thought about this the other morning in a Christian perspective.  I want God to be able to remote into my thoughts, my heart and my soul and guide me to where my problems are: my fears, my short temperedness, my prejudices, my hurts, habits, and hang ups. I want a relationship that is not between myself and a stranger but that of a loved one coming into my soul and cleaning up the “bugs”, the “glitches”, and the “viruses” that cause harm to me and my loved ones.   Good computer care must be practiced in order to keep those nasty issues at bay.

  • Practice Mindfulness. Be aware of the sites you are visiting.  Don’t put yourself in a situation or locations that are not healthy.
  • Surround yourself with people, places, and things that keep our thoughts, prayers, and actions on the fruits of the spirit.
  • Spend time in pray and study the word daily.  Utilize all types of programs/aps” that help you achieve intimacy with God, share your faith, and be a light for others.
  • Be Intentional. This is a two way connection – Don’t just expect God to remote into you; you must be willing to seek and connect with God.

I want God to be my Super Tech.  I am the computer.  I want to open my hard drive and mother board (heart and soul) to Him so that he can remote in and make me an instrument of His peace, His work, His desires for me and for those that I may connect with.

Do you want that too?  How do you connect with God?  Please share that others might benefit from you.

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