The Strength in Our Scars

I had made it to age 20 without one single, solitary scar.  I was proud of the fact that I came through childhood unscathed.  There were no blemishes, no marred surfaces to remind me of what perils of living I had encountered.

Then at 21 I had two ganglion cysts removed and after that it seemed like scars became a part of the jewelry I wore.  Breast cancer brought on the lumpectomy, ablation surgery for fibroids made a few small puckers along my torso.  Removal of a benign tumor made a line from my belly button down.  The hysterectomy went from hip to hip literally creating my very own cross to bear.  Two plugged arteries brought a stunning scar down the center of my chest along with three incisions on my left leg (first two incisions did not produce veins large enough to graft for the heart repair).  Two hip replacements brought 5 inch scars on each hip.  My body looks like a road map without street signs.

I am well on my way to the medical version of the 12 days of Christmas!  Each event came with its own pain, stresses, fears, and anxiety.  There were times I wasn’t sure if God was calling me home or the devil was torturing me.  However, here I am scars and all.

What are scars?  Scars are marks on the skin which is left after wounds have healed.   Get that, after wounds have healed.  And if a scar is forming, the wound is healing.  So in essence they represent moments in time which I have survived.  And while my scars may seem like I am damaged; I choose to see them as how God has taken me from situations of pain and brokenness onto paths of healing.  They can be reminders of the difficult events in my life or how God has been with me through each of my medical adversities; redeeming, renewing, transforming and restoring me.  I CHOOSE to see my scars as God having used each of my moments to show me his love and his healing in times of despair.  And that gives me hope for the future.

In light of current events, many of us are losing family, friends, coworkers, livelihoods, and the ability to pay for our very existence.  There will be scars from this siege of the devastating COVID-19 Corona Virus.  It is my prayer that in time, healing of these scars will come about and a new and stronger you will emerge.

Yes, I no longer have that young, scar-less body I did at 20 but what I have gained is strength to persevere, to see God’s work through my adversities, and to allow Him to show me that my scars are badges to be proud of.

May God heal those who are sick and protect those who are not.  May He calm our fears, fill us with His hope, joy and peace and continue to trust Him.  May we use this pandemic to grow stronger in our faith, stronger as a nation, and know that together with God’s help we will survive and even thrive.

What scars do you wear?  Are you healed or healing?  Please share in the conversation.

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