Special Species

Did you know that we are the only species on this planet that know we are going to die? Have you ever thought why God made us this way?  Many of us don’t give it much thought, especially when we are young.  And for some older folks, they think of it constantly, fearing death and use whatever means to put off aging and death.  And in today’s society there are many means available: plastic surgery, salves, creams, potions, lotions, medicines, herbs, routines and disciplines all professing to put off the inevitable.

Dying.  From the time we are born we are making our way to its end.  In between, we all experience death and loss, some at an early age with the loss of a pet, through accidents, or family members.  We are also going to witness others as they experience loss.  Hopefully, we will be there for one another, helping to heal hearts as they break.

So how do we confront death?  Some have death anxiety or dread of what’s coming.  They may react by avoiding health issues, or worrying excessively that tension headaches may be indicative of something worse.  Some may acquire fears such as flying, or feel the need to repetitively check on things before they leave the house – are the doors to the house locked; did I turn off the stove?  Personally I am obsessive compulsive about making sure the garage door is closed.

I met death early on in my life.  It has been like a sound machine playing in the background.  It started with my family pet when I was 5, my father who had debilitating heart disease and eventually died when I was 13.  My life has been enveloped by medical mayhem requiring me to learn to live with illness and death.  Not always easy and sometimes I question why someone (especially a young person) is taken away so early. I cope by being aware that life is short and I am here to learn and love, to share and care and to help prepare myself and those around me of what is to come and for eternity.

I cope with the support of family, friends and people that the good Lord seems to put in my life, sometimes only for a particular event.

These experiences in my life have reinforced my faith in God.  They have shown me that when these moments come; that I am not alone.  God through His word, His son, and the Holy Spirit are ever present.  And that through the trinity He sends “angels” to help us and help one another.

As the only species to be aware of our mortality, much is given and much is expected.  I believe God gave us this knowledge and forethought so that we, as a community, would be there for one another.  Helping us walk through the threshold of this life into eternity.

So my question to you is

  • Are you afraid of death?
  • How do you cope with this fear?
  • Does death anxiety appear in other places in your life?
  • Do you think too often of death?
  • How do you navigate the journey from living to dying?

Please share in this conversation so that others might gain from your experience.


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Blessings for Health & Wellness.


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