It’s the Little Things that Make the Memories Big

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments.  If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”  Alek Wrek.

Do your senses open up the memory box of your mind and transport you to a time long, long ago?

The smell of your mom’s homemade stew every time you make it.

The ocean breeze fondling your hair on an early morning walk.

A bakery making bread dough.

The sound of the rain moving across the mountainside  as a storm blows through.

Some memories bring a smile to our faces while others cause a restlessness that makes us want to slam shut the memory box that hold these thoughts.

Lately, many of my possessions have been talking to me. Do things in your home “talk” to you too?  It’s really more like they are helping me to reminisce about those that are no longer a part of this life.  I have these “things” because they bring me snapshots of my loved ones and make me feel like in some way – they are still with me.  I visit them each time I see or use these items.

I grew up visiting my aunt and uncle and on their patio sat this large large beautiful, colorful, ceramic rooster.  It followed them from their first ranch in Huntington, NY to the big house in Lloyd Harbor, New York, to the two houses and the condo in Florida. While I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed seeing it in each of their homes, when both had passed and I was asked what I would want as a memento; I reached for the 20 lb. rainbow colored rooster.  My cousin even asked me if I was sure – there were more valuable items – such as a crystal or perhaps a painting.  No, I said.  Every time I would look at this rooster I would remember the wonderful days by the pool, eating on the patio, laughing, arguing and just being family.  The rooster has sat on my patio ever since.  During our last move it sustained some damage and for a second I thought it might be time to part with it.  But I could not let it go for it held precious memories amidst its wings.  I painstakingly glued the pieces back together and while it will never be the same esthetically; my feelings that are conjured up when I step out onto my porch still connect me to my aunt and uncle.

My mother in law was a phenomenal cook.  I was always amazed at her ability and stamina to throw together a meal whether it be for a day’s picnic at the beach, or a holiday spread for 25.  When we closed down her final place, I jumped at the chance to take this small paring knife.  It was the knife she taught me how to peel the skin off an apple, how to remove the orange peel in one continuous circular ribbon. It was what she used to cut up vegetables to make a crudité platter to round out the many meals she made with love as its main ingredient.

When my mother passed away and I was left closing down her condo of 30+ years there were many things that my brothers and I choose as mementos.  I still have a pair of her shoes which I have re-soled and just cannot part with even though I rarely have need for a pair of navy 2 in high heels.

There is a pretty floral ceramic oval oven safe dish.  When my brothers were both married and out of the house, it was just my mom and I.  And she used this dish often as it was the perfect size for two stuff chicken breasts or a vegetable for two.  Today, I handle it carefully as if it were the Queen of England’s crystal bowl.  If it were to break, I fear it would also break my heart.

My mom had this wooden sign on her desk which reminded her that while there was so much in her life that was out of control, she was never alone.  It reads: “Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen today that you and I can’t handle.”  It now sits on my kitchen bar reminding me every single day of her strength, wisdom and perseverance and that I too am never alone.

I know, I should not put such value on items.  But it is these items that bring me strength, solace, and reminds me of where I came from and how to move towards where I am going.  They represent the strong individuals that showed me how to live and even how to die.

So I will treasure these “things” because we need to remember these moments, these special people.  We need to celebrate them and not let them pass us by.

What do you think?  What triggers a memory for you?  Does it make you sad?  Or does it bring you comfort?  Please share.

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