Dress up Your Christmas Table

Want to dress up the Christmas table or buffet table with an edible centerpiece?  This is a fun way to add a little something special to shrimp cocktail.

Shrimp  Christmas Tree


2 pounds medium shrimp, fresh or frozen, already cooked & peeled

3 bunches of curly endive

1 Styrofoam cone, 1 ½ feet high

2 small box round toothpicks

Cocktail Sauce of your choice.


  • Thaw frozen shrimp. Leave tail section of the shell on.
  • Separate and wash endive
  • Starting at the base of the Styrofoam cone and working up, cover the cone with overlapping leaves of endive. Fasten endive to the cone with toothpick halves.  Cover fully with greens to resemble Christmas tree.
  • Attach shrimp to tree with toothpick in a spiral fashion
  • You can add other items to include cherry tomatoes, cubes of cheese, olives, and anything you like to eat in alternating rows.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve

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