My New Year’s Wish for 2021

2020 – Sigh.

2021 – Uhhhhh?

Which way to go, what path to take?  How will we know if we will be safe?

There are no promises as we venture out of this year and ponder about the next.  But I ran across this poem and it put a smile on my face and put my heart and soul in a wonderful place.  May it do the same for you.

Spiritual Gifts, Green Eggs and Ham, and You

Author – Unknown

One day God said, “This is what I will do:

I’ll give my children spiritual gifts,

(And of course this includes you!)

These gifts will come in all shapes and sizes,

They’ll give the world some amazing surprises. 


You can use them here or there,

You can use them anywhere. 

You can use them in a church,

You can use them with a guy named Lurch. 


So what gift did God give to you?

Don’t know? Then I’ll tell you what to do. 

Go ask a preacher or any other trusted creature,

Ask them to help you find your fantastic feature. 

What fantastic Gift?  Let me name a few. 


Then you’ll see firsthand what you can do. 

Because when it comes to gifts, there is no doubt,

They’ll give you lots to shout about!


Some of you can teach the Word,

With boldness and the power of powers.

People will come from miles around,

To hear you preach for hours. 

Then there are folks who love to serve,

To help, to heal, to hope, and more.

They love to help those in need,

Lending a hand is what they live for. 


Maybe you’re the one with the gift of mercy,

You might even feel bad for a guy named Percy.

You feed the hungry and help those in need,

Widows and orphans, you assist them indeed!


But wait – there’s more and more!

Spiritual gifts are knocking on your door. 

Giving and sharing your faith in God,

There’s more to life than i-tunes and i-pods!


The bottom line is to fire up your gifts,

It’s guaranteed to give the world a lift!

Don’t delay, dawdle, or dilly dally around,

Your God given ability is just waiting to be found!”


My wish for you this New Year’s day is to use the wonderful God-given gifts that each of you has to make 2021a gentler, kinder, more loving year for all of us to live in.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift back to God” – Leo Buscaglia

Happy New Year!

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