Mother’s Day Thoughts and Ramblings

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have calm demeanors and some are full of exuberance.  Some of our moms are still with us and some have been called to a higher service – heaven.  Some never knew their moms and others are distant from their mothers.  Some are not our biological moms but have filled our hearts with love

My mother was this red headed, freckled face dichotomy of a woman.  She was raised in what we might have called “high society”.  Which means that she was raised to know how to create formal 5 course dinners with china and crystal and run a home like Downton Abbey.  She was well spoken and always acted as a lady  was supposed to.  But she was also the woman who would have raft fights in the ocean with us kids, play a mean game of pounce, refinished her own furniture, cooked her own meals, cleaned her own home.  Widowed at 42, she raised 3 kids while creating and running her own diaper service business in Italy.  She could dress up in the finest of clothes, but was just as comfortable in her white paint pants and white t-shirts conversing with contractors at 7 am about best paints, supplies and painting techniques at the paint store.  They thought she was one of them!  And on some mornings when I would stop by to share breakfast with her before I went to work I would find her in her favorite ankle length silk, leopard nightgown with a short Hawaiian cotton bathrobe and marabou slippers making bacon and eggs at the stove. When I questioned her choice of attire she would simply look at me like I  was crazy and say “Why haven’t you heard?  This is the hit of the Spring season!”  She was a conundrum wrapped in an enigma.  She was my mother and I loved her.

Where ever you are in this, whatever you are feeling, Mother’s Day is filled with emotion.  Happy or sad, present or not; I hope that you will reach out to someone who perhaps has recently lost their mother and while you can’t replace them; you can certainly share your time and love to help soothe the pain they are going through.

Or perhaps you are the one in pain this Mother’s Day.  And while you might be tempted to hide away in your home, stay in bed and pull the covers over your head – head outdoors instead and see the beauty of Spring. Call a friend and ask them to share the day with you.  You might find that both of you need the companionship and time together. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, help serve coffee at your church or even help at an animal shelter.  The day is filled with possibilities when you open yourself to seeking the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit.

While this Mother’s Day may not be picture perfect like a Hallmark movie it can still be filled with love, kindness, caring and sharing and all the attributes we think of when we think of mothers.  Be that person and make someone smile.  Who knows, you might find a smile or two for yourself as well.

Where ever you are  – Happy Mother’s Day.


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