Surviving Medical Mayhem


  • Publisher HigherLife Publishing
  • Publish Date 2018
  • ISBN-10 099897739X
  • ISBN-13 978-0998977393
  • Author Loretta Schoen

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As Christian women we live in a foreign world where private parts and sexual preferences make it onto Facebook and Instagram; but talking about the frustrations and resentments of balancing babies in diapers and parents in Depends is taboo.  Want to clear a room?  Just talk about testicular or breast cancer, how your bowels are in an uproar, or that you and your bladder know every clean bathroom in a 100 mile radius of your home.  When it comes to discussing medical issues, we are virtually an island unto ourselves.   Afraid to ask, fear of knowing and weary of worry – these runaway feelings leave us wondering how we are to survive medical mayhem.

Surviving Medical Mayhem explores, educates and empowers the reader to experience the many avenues that medical issues take us down through candid, tell it like it is medical parables.    Difficult subjects are treated with grace and honesty using humor to cushion the pain, and Gods word to light the way.  Gain God’s perspective as you learn not only how to handle the outbreaks but to see the message behind the issues.

Surviving Medical Mayhem brings help, hope, and honesty to inspire Christian women at a time when everything is discussed except what is really important: It’s a prescription for healing with injections of humor for the soul that bring the reader from pressed to blessed.

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