We’ve Still Got It!

Like a yearly physical, you need to periodically test to see what you can and can no longer do.  This was made clear to me recently.  For the past month we have been dealing with a very squeaky bed.  Even the gentlest roll over caused a cacophony of sound.  It was annoying and while Thad gets into bed at night and rarely moves, I change positions all night long.  I try to be quiet but I end up being even more awake than my bladder already keeps me.

Thad suggested we needed to find out if it was the mattress, box springs or frame.  This elicited a series of groans every time he mentioned it.  You see, we have a Sterns & Foster Mattress and it weighs-well it feels like I am lifting an elephant every time we change the sheets.  In fact, it takes the two of us to tuck in the top sheet and blanket.  Thad has to lift one end of the mattress while I use a Kadima Beach Paddle to shove the top sheet and blanket in between the mattress and box springs.  Then we repeat it on the other side.  By the way, this is the only time we play with the Kadima Beach Paddles.

Once again we were addressing the issue of our noisy bed.   I suggested that we enlist the help of our daughter and son-in-love.  He thought we could do it.  I think he had us confused with our younger selves but who was I to caste away his unrealistic visions.  So I put on my rose colored glasses and we began.  Besides, I make it a point not to put each other down; especially now in our golden years –it’s too hard to get back up.

Let me just say that there was a lot of heavy breathing and groaning in the bedroom and it had nothing to do with romance.  We had to take breaks and it took us two tries to get the top mattress off the bed and leaning onto the wall; but success should never be discounted no matter how long it takes.

It’s a good thing we check it out, too, because the center frame was loose and one night after a long day we might have found ourselves addressing the issue.  Then, instead of heavy breathing and groaning there would have been the spewing of profanity that would have put the devil to shame.

Which leads me back to my point.  In life you need to continually try to do things even if you are uncertain that you can do it.  That day, Thad reminded me to never stop trying.  Because if you can still do them, you will get a thrill, do a merry jig, and slap each other with high fives that will make God smile.

And if you can’t, well you can always call out the cavalry (our daughter and son-in-love) who will come in and feel like they have saved the day.  Because they have.

A win-win for all.

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