What’s My Take-Away from COVID-19?

Leg braces from 9 months to three years of age and a plethora of medical issues spanning my 65 years on earth  has taught me to find the message and meaning within the medical mayhem.  It has served me well.  Whenever I am faced with what seems insurmountable I have asked myself:

What would be God’s purpose for this and how will He use this for good (Jeremiah 29:11)?

Here is the message I have learned throughout this COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Become more aware of my surroundings.  I never gave much thought to just how much I touch, feel, and use my hands to touch my face, buy groceries, search for just the right fabric, and pump gas. Leads me to wonder just how many possible germs and bugs collected before I decided to wash my hands.  Ugh!  Being conscious of everything we touch has given new meaning to how we are all connected in this world.   What a difference two months make!
  2. Stay away from people when I am sick. I no longer will push myself to go to work or attend an event when I don’t feel well and can possibly expose others to whatever I might have.  And I hope that others will return the favor.
  3. The importance of taking care of ourselves. The pandemic has made me realize how our un-healthy lifestyles have negatively impacted our immune systems and caused underlying conditions that can precipitate the virus.  I don’t want to be any more of a statistic than I already am having faced cancer, obesity, and heart disease.  Staying hydrated, resting, eating healthy and exercising are key to not only my general wellbeing but to my future without the virus.  Now, more than ever, a healthy lifestyle plays center stage.
  4. Bless the teachers. Teachers love and do what most of us realize we are not gifted to do.   I see how hard my grandchildren’s teachers have worked not only to adapt to teaching via technology but continuing to make learning interesting and fun.  Aiden & Ryker are both engaged and although they miss the classroom setting are still able to interact via computer with their peers and teachers.  While parents now find themselves thrusted in these new roles, they have the opportunity to appreciate just how hard it is to teach their children.  And we see our children and grandchildren in a whole new light.  God bless our teachers!
  5. Where to turn to in times of trouble? COVID-19 got my attention to focus on and reaching for God.  Relying on my faith and belief that there is a message to be learned along with knowing God will carry us through has allowed me to remain calm in this unchartered territory.
  6. What is truly important. I have learned what is a true need verses a desire or want.  I personally need food, family/friends, toilet paper, water and air conditioning (I live in Florida).  Emphasis on the toilet paper. Check out my blog where I discover just what is and is not important   https://www.lorettaschoen.com/2020/general/28926/a-cave-mans-story/
  7. Respect for our Country and those at the Front Line. I try to respect all people regardless of their jobs, and fancy titles but I have gained such appreciation for doctors, nurses, military, first responders, delivery personnel, grocers, pharmacies and all those that go tirelessly and courageously to work to supply our needs and putting themselves and their families at risk for us.  What wonders and beautiful acts of kindness I have seen that has restored my faith in humanity.  It reminds me that God created miracles when he created mankind.
  8. The importance of standing on our own two feet. When we think of America we think of the greatest country there is.  And in so many ways we are.  But are we self-reliant?  We thought we were, but no we are not.  The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we have become dependent on other nations for clothing, medicines, food, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies; all because it can be made cheaper.  At whose expense?    We have lost lives because of it.  We must make these products in the USA.  And we must purchase American products.  Never again must we become reliant on another country that can bring us down, kill so many people, and take away our way of life and economy.  I am amazed at how much I routinely buy that is made in China.  It takes effort to research and look at where things are being made; but by buying American we are helping each other become stronger, more self-reliant and safer.

And isn’t that what we all want – to be a stronger, healthier, safer and a more safe-reliant person, family, neighborhood, state and country one that relies on God and one another.

And that’s my take away from COVID-19.

What’s yours?


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Blessings for Health & Wellness.

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