Am I defined or Refined by My Past

“Maybe deep down inside we were all still in our formative years.  Maybe it was never too late for any of us to change”  – from “Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life. (Book 2)

Are you always looking back to what happened in the past as if you are walking backwards into the future?  While I will be the first to admit I have been through a myriad of medical mayhem; I don’t want to be defined by the things that have happened to me.  Rather I think God wants me to be polished, smoothed out, and refined so that I can help others turn around and walk into the future – not with their backs to the future but looking straight ahead in anticipation of the good things that will also be present while mayhem exists.

Mayhem comes in different forms, whether it is illness, or loss of life of a loved one; I pray that at each event in my life God will help me let go of the pain so that I can live in the present as I walk towards the arms of Jesus Christ.  I remind myself that those that have passed are without the pain of body, mind and spirit that is so much a part of this life.  God does not define us by the mayhem and neither should we.  I want this life to smooth my rough edges, and shine my faith to be as bright as the sun’s rays so that I may be witness to what God can do to even a sinner such as me.

I too, want to be refined and not defined I don’t want to be stuck in what happened.  I don’t want to be looking back but looking forward to what God has in store for me.  Trusting that whatever mayhem Is coming my way (and there surely will be more mayhem) I will see God’s message and walk facing towards Him.  To quote Shakespeare – “Loss is nothing but change and change is nature’s delight.  I stand before you delighted.”

Have you found yourself walking into your future facing backwards?  What holds you from moving forward?  If you were stuck in the past but were able to move forward, please share in the conversation so that others might gain from your insight.

Father God, helped those that are stuck in their past to discern the difference between ballast and baggage.  One keeps you grounded and the other holds us back.  Lord, keep us grounded in your love so that we might not carry the baggage of this life but be carried by you.  Amen.

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