Ten Reasons to Change Doctors

Changing Doctors Is Your Right as a Consumer There might come a time when a physician or practice is no longer serving your needs well in terms of the health care you feel you deserve, need, or require. I know, I know—the thought of going through that whole process again has you more tired than a horse having finished the race at the Kentucky Derby. But your life might depend on the quality of care you receive.

As a patient, it is your job to work hard at getting well and staying well. That means following the advice of your health-care providers. But sometimes, the quality of care, for whatever reason, becomes subpar. You are the consumer. And if you don’t like the product, it’s time to shop around until you find one you do like.

Below are some of the reasons to find a new health-care professional:

  1. Your doctor doesn’t want you to get a second opinion.
  2. You can’t communicate with your doctor.
  3. Your doctor always seems rushed.
  4. Your doctor is focused on himself or herself instead of you.
  5. Your doctor has misdiagnosed you. Discuss this with your doctor first because sometimes even a “good doctor” makes a misdiagnosis. But good doctors keep their minds open, monitor results of treatment, and if the patient doesn’t respond as expected, considers other diagnosis and treatment options.
  6. You leave the office feeling confused and uninformed.
  7. You can’t get a timely appointment.
  8. You consistently wait too long at your doctor’s office.
  9. You feel you can’t be honest with your doctor.
  10. Your doctor forgets what he or she has said and prescribed.

Once you find a doctor you have confidence in, contact your prior physician’s office and request that all records be transferred to the new practice. Better yet, ask that they release all your records to you for your files, and then make a copy of the records to take to the new physician. You will need to complete a medical release form to expedite this.

While changing physicians can seem overwhelming, consider the emotional, physical, and monetary cost of being cared for improperly. Like that horse at the Kentucky Derby, set out with anticipation and an expectation to run the race and win!


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