Remembering What’s On The Line

Yup, sometimes we need a reminder.  We find ourselves getting complacent.  Mainly because things are chugging along, the potholes are minimal and not too deep, and the road is fairly flat.

And then –

Your 15 year old air conditioner says “I’m done – I owe you nothing”.

Your car breaks down on your way to a job interview.

Or, like me, your breast cellulitis drops in unexpectedly to say “Hi, have you forgotten about me?”

Yup, its back.  Red, hot, swollen and angry!  On the negative side its been less than a year since the last infection.  On the positive side, the last two infections have not needed daily IV antibiotic infusions.  Oral antibiotic seems to be knocking it out.  So I feel blessed and thanking God throughout my day even as I wear baggy shirts to conceal the difference in size between my Tatas.  I feel like I walk leaning to the left side from the weight of this monster.  But it could be worse.  So I am grateful to know that it is resolving.

It is also a reminder that I have been complacent.  While I get my routine mammogram, and ultrasound; I sometimes get lazy about doing a monthly self breast exam.  Also, I am not as compliant as I should about wearing the compression garment every night.  My excuse is that these girls are tied up and harnessed all day long and sometimes they just want to swing low and free. You know what I mean?  And then there is the reminder that I haven’t thought about breast cancer much, trying to live as normal a life as possible.  I am trying to not live in fear that it could return at any time and with a vengeance.

It also reminds me that I should be sharing this more with my readers – after all, I blog about surviving and thriving through medical mayhem.  Breast cancer certainly describes medical mayhem.  While the media and many of the breast cancer support groups work hard to get the message of preventative care out to the public, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of routine and monthly care.  There is NEVER a time to be complacent.

So over the next few weeks, as part of breast cancer awareness month, I’ll be sharing some information with you in hopes that it will remind you to NOT be complacent, to make sure you do some monthly, bi annual, and annual checkups.  I also want to share information with you that you may not know as well as the advances and new methods of treatment being utilized today.  And I hope you will share this information.  You might be surprised to find that some of your best friends have never had a mammogram nor do monthly breast self-checks. Cancer does not discriminate with age, folks.  So talk.  Talk to your girlfriends, daughters, mothers, grandmothers and co-workers.  Talk unabashedly and without shame.  You might just be saving their life or the quality of their life.

So like a true mom, grandmother, caregiver and survivor I am going to nag you and remind you that even – Boobs, need your support!


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Blessings for Health & Wellness.



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