Are You Holding those in the Know Accountable? 

I don’t like secrets.  I don’t like it when people keep details or information from me.  Call me a curious cat that needs satisfaction but I want to know things.  Things that will help me decide just how I feel about – whatever.  Do you feel that way too?

Then why are we letting the national news and social media dictate what we read and listen to?  When did the news become commentary and subjective?  You can no longer make an educated decision about anything – politics especially – because information is withheld, not covered, or removed.

I’d like to judge for myself what is appropriate.  I am offended that the news media and social media outlets think me so feeble minded that I am not able to sort through the plethora of information, do MY OWN research, and determine for myself what is right, wrong, offensive or not.  Last time I checked this was a free democracy founded on the institution of free speech.

Often buried and mired in medical mayhem, I tend to look at everything through the lens of a microscope and the medical arena.  Do I want a doctor to decide for themselves what information to withhold from me?  Do I want them to decide for me what information I can and cannot handle?  Do I want the medical system to force me to do or not do procedures based on someone else’s dictates?  No, I do not.  I’m having trouble with the medical insurance companies telling my doctors what medicines or procedures I need based on cost rather than effectiveness.  I have trouble with them telling me which doctors I can choose.  With each medical event – hysterectomy, breast cancer, hip replacements, heart bypass surgery I asked for the facts as they were, what my choices were and what possible outcomes I could expect.  And then I made an informed decision based on those facts.  I asked for only the facts, folks, not the fiction, opinions, or commentary – just the facts.

So whether you are trying to decide who to vote for in this election or how to proceed on a medical issue you are experiencing, please, please, speak up and make those responsible for keeping you informed be factually accountable.

Your future depends on it.


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