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I find myself surrounded by women who show great faith and perseverance during catastrophic illness and/or end of life issues and I wonder how they do it. Could I have that kind of strength of resolve and faith?  I’m not sure. Some of them have fought with their particular destructive devil before and they know its purpose is to not only destroy them physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  And while the ravages of these battles and cures are visible to those around them; what is also visible is their strength, their positive attitude, and the power of their faith in God.  I am humbled to witness how they are coping and persevering through these times in their lives.  Some are blessed with families that are supporting them, while others are not.

Whether it is a botched operation, lung cancer which has spread to the brain, breast cancer while being the sole caregiver for their aging parent, or the loss of a spouse while battling their 3rd round of metastatic cancer; these women have found a strength that defies human understanding.

Now, I am not saying they don’t suffer from the same feelings that you and I feel when faced with medical mayhem.  Fear, tears, and frustrations abound.  But what I also see is so empowering.  What is set out to kill is actually what is strengthening them and those they love.  Their bodies most certainly show the ravages of their malady along with the multiple remedies that have marked and scared their surface.  But underneath the outer wrapping is a spiritual growth and inner peace that defies all logic on my part.  Learning when to ask and accept help from those around them; allowing people to use their talents to serve them in love.  While there are days that render them fuzzy brained, in pain, and sapped of energy, when able, they move through their life making good memories with grace and reaching out to minister to us who wonder “Why, God.  How, God?” Yet all the while they are suffering, they see blessings throughout their stressings.

Habakkuk, a little-known prophet in the bible questioned God about all that was befalling around Judah in 607 B.C. He didn’t understand God’s ways.  Through the Book of Habakkuk we learn that Faith is not a one-time act.  It’s a way of life.  We are called to trust God, even when life seems impossible and unbearable.  Through prayerful petition, praise and patience we can see God in every circumstance, no matter how bleak.  God has not forgotten us.  God has not forgotten these women; rather he is walking beside them.

God created us to be in relationships: relationships with ourselves, with each other and ultimately and most importantly in relationship with God.  We were meant to help one another and to seek out, reach out and live out our life with God.

These women know this and live their faith every single day, hour, and minute.  What I see in these women is amazing, humbling, and makes me want to aspire to be like them.  I find myself blessed by them.  They take life’s battles, medical mayhem or what the devil dishes out and turns it against him to spread love, mercy, hope, faith, and growth in the body of Christ.  They strengthen all those they touch with their relationships with each other, with themselves and with God.

I don’t know if I have that kind of spirt filled faith to carry on with the grace and perseverance that they exude, but it makes me want to try.  I thank God for having placed them in my life.  If you are pressed in a fight for your life right now, I pray that there are examples in your life like these beautiful women set before me to feel blessed.  While we may be withering, may our emotions and spirit soar!

“The Lord is my strength, my personal bravery, my invincible army “ – Habbakuk 3:19


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