I Chose the Lemonade

Four months of feeling tired, weak, short of breath, lightheaded followed by a stress test, cardiac catheterization and a pacemaker seems like enough, right?  But then, just as I was feeling strong and energetic, returning to an active lifestyle of riding my bike, washing my car, and talking long walks, I got the sniffles.   I thought it was my allergies.  And then I got a tickle in my throat and just assumed it was the usual side effect of my statin medication.  But when it turned into a cough – I hit the pause button.  It’s just a cold, right? I had done my due diligence by getting two vaccinees, a booster shot, taken Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc for two years – it had to be a cold.

But with family coming to visit who also have their share of health issues I decided I should get tested for Covid-19.  I couldn’t believe my ears when the doctor said I tested positive!  I must confess that I forgotten to take my zinc the last two weeks and I believe that and all the health issues lowered my immune system and left me vulnerable to the virus.

Now I could have wallowed in self-pity but I decided to count my blessings instead.   While I didn’t feel great, I also wasn’t ready to crawl in a hole and begging for mercy.  I did have to cancel my family’s visit which was a major disappointment.  I had to cancel my training with Moriah, the K-9 Comfort Dog which included a visit to the Women’s Bible Study, and lunch with friends.  I had to cancel the cleaning company that tackles the hard house cleaning for me as well but decided since I would be in isolation it was time to Orange Oil my kitchen cabinets and wood furniture.

I could look at it as the world pelting me with lemons or God handing me the fixings for a glass of lemonade.

I chose the lemonade.  Thank you, Jesus.

First, it was a mild case.  Not all are as lucky.  A fifteen minute test confirmed the diagnosis which reduced my expose to others.  There are drugs to treat my symptoms and make them more manageable while the virus works its way out of my system. It allowed me to hit the ‘pause’ button and rest because feeling so well after four months of feeling awful had me admittedly overdoing it.

While I did get the wood furniture cleaned, I had to take some breaks in between.  And there were two days where I just laid around, sported hot flashes, tended to my incessant leaking nose and coughed a lung up until my back was in spasms.  Fearing it was becoming a more serious case and we were venturing into the weekend, I returned and saw Dr Pam at First Choice Urgent Care of Oviedo.  This wonderfully professional, personable physician adjusted and added medications that softened the cough and put me back on the healing path.

While at the time of this writing I am not completely up and running without symptoms I consider myself fortunate.

Health wise, this year has been quite a journey of unpaved, rocky roads.  But through the anxiety and discomfort, there have been angels along the way to help and blessings to soothe the soul and lighten the journey.

We just have to look for them.

What lemons are in your life?  Can you turn them into lemonade?  It starts with seeing the blessings through the stressing to not only survive but thrive.


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Blessings for Health & Wellness.



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