A Dog with a Bone

Some time ago I wrote about my C-Pap machine informing me “my motor had outlived its life expectancy”.  I wasn’t sure if it was talking about me or the machine.  To be fair it was a ten year old machine and had earned its right to retirement.

Recently, my husband had a checkup with his sleep doctor who suggested that his ten plus year old C-Pap machine could use an update before it too expired.  On September 26, 2022 he sent a prescription to the Durable Medical Equipment company for a new one.  And we waited.

And waited.

After four weeks, Thad called the company and was told that the doctor needed to submit notes on the previous visits.  Thad called to doctor’s office and was told they were faxed.  He called the company back. The company suggested that perhaps they faxed it to the wrong office.  Thad called the doctor’s office and confirmed they had the correct fax number.

We waited some more.

So it’s now fast approaching Thanksgiving and I would really like to be thankful for a fully functioning C-Pap machine for my husband.  I know, Christmas is coming but I want him to have it NOW!

You see, without his C-Pap machine, my husband could drown out the sound of World War II B-17 or B29 aircraft flying over your head.  It’s deafening, not to mention prohibitively canceling any ability to sleep!

So feeling that my sleep (what little I do sleep) was going to be threatened I started to tell my hubby what he needed to do or to let me do it for him.  Now, every good husband knows when their wife is bordering on becoming a loose cannon and assured me he would ramp up his efforts.  And to his credit he has.  He has called every possible contact number he could find and left untold messages (always kind).

But in case you don’t know what you can do in cases such as this; let me give you some suggestions.

  • Rant and rave all you want to the dog, the cat, your husband, your best friend, or your therapist if you need one. But DON’T spill your guts to every staff member who has the misfortune to answer your call.
  • DO keep notes on the date of the prescription, when you called to check on the order, and who you spoke with. Make a note of the telephone number you reached them at.
  • Be specific as to what you want.
  • Be factual as to what has transpired
  • Write down what each person says they will do and ask when you can expect it to be done.
  • Contact your doctor’s office and ask if they can place a call on your behalf to expedite matters.
  • If a reasonable time has lapsed, begin calling more than once a week. Daily if necessary.
  • Be civil but firm.
  • Ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. Call headquarters.  Call the president of the company.  Poison pen emails worded without malice but with specific information as to what you expect can work as well.
  • If all else fails you can suggest that you are thinking that other patients might be going through the same and the media might be interested. But only say what you are actually willing to do.  Again, remain civil.
  • Additionally, I have begun the practice of asking for a physical copy of the prescription and necessary accompanying office notes so that I can “walk” them to the proper Healthcare Center. And here is where keeping your own medical records come in handy.

In other words, be like a “dog with a bone”.  Don’t bite, but do feel free to wag your tail as you growl purposefully.

In the case of Thad’s old and expiring C-Pap machine, it has taken 7 weeks to acknowledge that they indeed did have all they need and will put through a request for someone to call to arrange for a machine to be ordered!  Ordered!  However, because of COVID (are we really still using this excuse?) machines are not coming in regularly and we are being ask to be be patient.

At rate Thad and I will both have “motors that have expired and outlived their life expectancy”.  And we’re not talking about our C-Pap machines, folks.


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